Tory Rocca for State Senate

Dear Friend,

   Far too often, we have seen hard-working men and women lose their jobs and everything else they have through no fault of their own.  Meanwhile, the institutions that caused our economic problems get bailed out with the tax dollars of the very people that have suffered the most in this recession.  This is clearly wrong, and it needs to stop.

   I believe that your elected officials should work for you… not powerful lobbyists and the special interest groups that they represent.  That is why, if I am elected as your next State Senator, you and your family will be my top priority.  I will focus my efforts on creating and retaining jobs in our community, improving our educational system, and holding public officials accountable.

  I want to assure you that I regard public service as an honor and a responsibility that I take very seriously.   While serving my community as a State Representative, I have always made it my policy to maintain ongoing personal contact with citizens that I represent by hosting local “town hall” meetings and walking door-to-door throughout my district, so that I can base my decisions on what you want. Also, I have maintained a 100% legislative attendance record, the best in the entire state legislature, because I truly enjoy and consider it a privilege to be on the job, working for you.

  As this election approaches, I hope I can count on your support. Thank you for your consideration.

Tory Rocca





   Tory co-sponsored legislation to cut legislators’ pay by 10%

   Tory voted to eliminate free lifetime health care for state legislators.

   Tory co-sponsored legislation to cut the pay of state legislators who don’t show up for work. Some legislators skip hundreds of votes during a legislative term, yet they still collect their full salary. Tory believes this is wrong.

   Tory supports legislation to prohibit public officials from double-dipping on public pensions.

   Tory co-sponsored legislation to prohibit legislators from voting on issues that benefit them financially.

   Tory has never traveled out-of-state at taxpayers’ expense

   Tory has returned thousands of dollars in unused office expense money to the taxpayers.

   Tory does not accept state reimbursement for in-district travel expense

   Tory was recognized by the Detroit Free Press for his 100%
legislative attendance record…the best in the legislature.